Honeycomb fences are hexagonal-shaped fences that look like honeycomb exactly. Bees create honeycomb but the fence is created by humans and is made of aluminum. It is the best pest and intruders control option. These fences have unique properties and are metal coated.

Twisting two neighboring wires at least three times results in a robust honeycomb mesh structure. Consequently, these fences are extremely strong and long-lasting. At Trust Fence, you will get galvanized and high-quality honeycomb fence. We are known for providing fence solutions in Maharashtra. Our expert installers will guide you more about the right fence installation and perform optimum quality work.

Advantages of HoneyComb Fence

Honeycomb is a woven fence and due to its specifications, it offers some benefits to its users and that is-

  • Secure - These fences are secure because the mesh's triple twist design and honeycomb fence form will let no effect on the mesh's structural strength.
  • Strong - Honeycomb fences are strong in structure and flexible too. The flexibility allows sustaining the impact of force. This makes it an excellent choice for ruby and football grounds.
  • Longlife - Depending on the climate and site conditions, different coating choices is available to prevent corrosion and extend the product's life.
  • Easy installation - The fences are easy to install and cover minimal space.

Why choose Trust Fence for Chain Link?

We specialize in providing optimum quality chain link fencing in Indiaand woven fences that provide the required protection and give your premises a tidy appearance. Not only that, but we also make sure that the security you receive is affordable.

Our Fence Installation Process

We have elementary steps –

  • Checking the area
  • Inspecting it for installation purpose
  • Installation of the honeycombs fences

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Intentional cutting or accidental breaking of single wires will not impact the structural integrity of the mesh due to its triple twist construction and honeycomb shape.



Impact on the fence is evenly distributed along the entire mesh due to it’s honeycomb structure. The Flexible fabric also helps in sustaining impact making it an ideal choice for fencing footballs ground and other similar sports fields.


Long Life

Available in multiple coating options depending upon the environmental & site condition to help combat corrosion from degrading its life. Coating Options : Zinc EcoZal(Zn 90% + Al 10%) PVC Glued PVC Fusion Bonded PA6

Standard Specifications

Mesh Size (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Coating Standards Fabric Length
Galvanized PVC Coated



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