UNICOPrima is a modular weld-mesh fencing system that combines affordability with elegance and durability. Modular design allows end-users and DIY enthusiasts to procure component panels, posts and accessories; for assembling the UNICOPrima fence quickly on site without having to bother with on-site welding and painting.

UNICOPrima fences offer the UNICOPlatform benefits of robot-welded robust metal meshes and eye-catching finish, that is easy to hose down for cleaning; is UV resistant to withstand years of sunlight, is corrosion-free to withstand rains and does not peel or require repainting after every monsoon.

Multiple options in sizes and colours enable interesting and creative permutations to achieve configured solutions that are site-specific and aligned to an overall design theme.

UNICOPrima with its signature rectangular wire mesh and innovative bell shaped post, designed to eliminate the need for fasteners at site, is both functional and elegant.

The proprietary UNICOPrima design makes light of the challenge of fencing tight corners, and easily adapts to odd angles that maybe a typical feature of a particular location or site.




Distinctive and unique profiled fence post

Quick clip-on installation, No accessories required for panel to post fixing, easy on corners.


Multiple height options

Use 4 ft high panels as wall-tops, or the 6 ft panels for ground-up fencing.


Modular component design

On-site assembly and installation without painting or welding.


Choice of colour

Mix and match panels and posts for innovative patterns.


UNICO finish

Bright and vibrant UV resistant colours, provide long life, resistant to fading, corrosion resistance, elimination of re-painting, freedom from peeling.


Mass-produced in a factory

Uniform and long-lasting welds, dimensional fidelity for field assembly.

Standard Specifications

Raw Materials:


Galvanised MS Wire: Over 40 GSM

Tensile Strength: Over 65 kg/mm²

Post: Pre-Galvanised MS: 80 GSM

Base-Plate: Pre-Galvanised MS

Post Cap: PVC

Anchors: GI

Anchor Caps: PVC


Process- Pure Polyester Coating (PPC)

Thickness- Over 65 microns

Test- 1000 hrs Salt Spray Tested

Quality Specifications:

Complies BS-EN 10223- 4/7 standards

Sample Testing per IS 2500

Mesh Aperture- + 2 mm Tolerance

Welding Specification:

Welding Process-

Electrical Resistance Welding

Weld Strength-

The average weld shear strength of 4 welds taken at random shall not be less than 50 % of the breaking strength of vertical wire.


Factories & Warehouses
Parks & Playgrounds
Schools & Colleges
Commertial & Residential Buildings

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