Barbed wire fence installation in Gujarat is one of the most often used fence materials. Its usage for security purposes is not limited to private houses but also includes commercial applications. Barbed wire, often known as barb wire, is a form of steel fence wire having sharp edges or points placed at intervals along the strands. It is utilized to build low-cost fences and atop secure property barriers.

Barbed fencing is an addition attached to a fence or wall for safety purposes. The primary goal of a fence system is to create a barrier, which serves as a deterrent to intruders, criminals, and stray animals. Privacy, safety, and protection are the top priorities for security fences. These days, a broad range of fences are available that may meet your objective of boosting security.

Advantages of barbed wire fencing

This fencing is used widely because it discourages intruders and is placed at a height. The most major advantages are-

  • Barbed fences provide high security and safety.
  • These are durable and versatile.
  • Barbed fences are a cost-effective way of protection.
  • A variety of customizations is available in barbed fences.
barbed wire fence solutions in india

Why choose Trust Fence barbed fence?

We are a team of professional experts who are skilled and experienced in installing barbed fencing in India. We are professionals and perform the work that gives you satisfaction and long product life. Barbed wire fencing that has been professionally erected will not crack or breaks for a long time, so repair and maintenance expenditures will below.

Trust Fence can satisfy your demands for barbed wire fence solutions in India. No matter what the reason is behind choosing fencing. We sell, design, and install barbed fences and for residential and business properties. Commercial property owners commonly use this fence to reduce the danger of illegal access. So why wait? Speak to us today to get expert advice and installation.

High Tensile Single Strand GI. Barbed Wire

Line wire diameter 3.15 mm(+/-0.05)
Barb wire diameter 2 mm(+/-0.05)
Barb spacing 100 (+/- 4mm)
Roll length 250 meters
Roll weight (approx) 24.5 kgs
Zinc coating 240 GSM
Tensile Strength 1350-1550 N/mm2
Type of Barbs 4 point IOWA


Freestanding Barriers
Fence Top Deterrent
Wall Top Deterrent

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