Concertina fencing in India is another type of fence addition that people use for safety and security. Trust Fence is a leading company providing the best barbed wire fencing in India. Our brand is esteemed and recognized by people. Concertina Wire Fencing is a spiral wire with a unique pattern that is commonly used for fencing. It is extensively utilized to improve the security level of household and commercial buildings due to its helical construction and hardness. Trust Fence provides high-quality wires that give you security, have sharp edges and are an optimum choice.

Advantages of concertina wires

Because of its unique characteristics and specifications, barbed wire offers extra security elements to the barrier. Here are its benefits-

  • The wires are strong and form a rigid framework.
  • When compared to barbed wire, it takes less time to the fence.
  • Trespassers are unable to break through the wires since they are equipped with modern security measures.
  • It keeps wild and violent animals out of your yard and keeps them from causing harm to your property.
  • Unlike traditional barbed wire, it can endure harsh weather conditions and lasts a long time.
concertina fencing in India

Why choose Trust Fence for concertina wires?

A customer chooses a service provider if it gives all the benefits and Trust Fence takes care of his clients. If you are choosing us for concertina fencing in India, here is why-

  • Professionalism
  • Dedicated experts
  • Work Standards
  • Organized Services
  • On-time work completion

Our installation Process-

We have a simple process and it goes like this-

  • Choosing Service-At first, you need to decide the type of fence. Our experts can also guide you in detail about the types.
  • Inspecting Area-The experts come to your area to make a quality check of the premises.
  • Fixing Fence- At last, they install the fence.

When looking for the best quality fences, contact us!

Technical Specification

Diameter Range 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 730mm, 965mm, 1050mm
Type of strip Heavy galvanized (Min 200gsm/sqm2), Stainless steel (430/304/316), Zinc Alu (Min 150gsm/sqm2)
Type of wire High tensile (Min 1300mpa), heavy galvanized (Min 275gsm/sqm2), Stainless steel (204cu, 304, 316), Zinc Alu (Min 275gsm/sqm2)
Type of clip Hardened steel in galvanized or stainless steel, (Dove tail)

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