Trust Fence has a radar intrusion detection system for high security. This system is perfect for small sites. Our radars come with high-quality GHz bands that give no headache and hassles. Our radars have total radiofrequency and consume less power. The radar sensor can readily customize to meet the needs of a wide range of operational settings and users, owing to the ability to configure most of its characteristics via software. Trust Fence is well-known for providing barbed wire fencing in India and we also have launched a radar intrusion detection system. Our installers will come to your place and will do the work flawlessly.

Advantages of Radar intrusion detection system

Radar covers a wide range, and this system has many benefits such as-

  • Real-time threat analysis - The pin pinpoints the specific location of site invaders and their movement direction and speed, providing precise data for quick response.
  • Reliable detection – Because high-resolution radar can distinguish between different target sizes, and it can filter out small animals and authorized worker activities. This reduces the number of false alerts.
  • A fully automated system – The radar system is fully automated for inside and outside security.
  • Low false warnings - Alarms will only be triggered in response to genuine threats. Site intrusions shall not be classified as authorized persons, vehicles, or watercraft. This gives operators complete confidence in the system.

Why choose Trust Fence for the radar system?

Trust Fence has gained a name in the field as the best chain link manufacturers in India and a barbed wire fence supplier. We also provide a radar intrusion protection system that is automated, user-friendly, and of high quality. When you take work from us, we assure you that you will get excellent long-term and durable work. We never compromise with quality.

Our radar installation process-

Our process is simple. Booking>Checking area>Installation.

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