Telescopic Gates with Trust Fence

A telescopic gate is a multi-piece gate system that neatly layers the gate parts as they glide back into one compact area. They allow nearly double the breadth of the aperture to be slid back into half the area.Telescopic gates are an excellent alternative to sliding gates in situations when they are not appropriate. At Trust Fence, we don't take shortcuts in style, appearance, security, privacy, or performance. Trust Fence has established its name as professional barbed wire manufacturers in Maharashtra and also provides telescopic gates.

Telescopic gates features

Its features are the main reason people want this type of gate. The key features of this product are-

  • High-quality coated metal
  • Wide range of colors is available
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Corrosion proof
  • Moisture resistance aluminum

Telescopic Sliding Gates are an excellent choice when a single-sided sliding arrangement is not viable due to a lack of space or run-back. Trust Fence is your telescopic gates service provider working successfully in this market for a long.


Telescopic Gates with Trust Fence

Trust Fence’s telescopic gate is controlled by a specifically developed telescoping mechanism that moves each gate panel at a different pace until they all reach their final position at the same time. Convenient, safer, more functional, very durable, take up less space, and increase visual appeal are just a few of the benefits of our sliding gates.

Our highly trained and experienced professionals can design and install Telescopic Gates in accordance with best practices. We were able to create sliding gates at a low cost because to advancements in our production methods. There's no need to go around for multiple suppliers since we provide everything you need in one place, from site study to installation and service. So, when searching for telescopic gates, why wait? Contact us today and get started with the process.


Access Control
High Duty Cycle
Automation Enabled

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